Speed conveyor chain main structure and beat requirements


Speed ​​chain in the assembly line has a wide range of applications, relative to the belt line, a great degree of automation has improved, many companies will be used to automate upgrades. So speed conveyor chain main structure and what are the basic requirements? Xiaobian following to introduce the next.

First, speed chain device requirements
1. Form: upper and lower cycle dislocation structure with a height difference, roller chain type.
2. Conveyor chain slot requirements: The use of models BS25-C210A (all steel wheels)
3. Roller chain requirements: Carrying capacity of each tray and workpiece 40Kg design.
4. Drive: separate control according to the way back and forth chain control. The drive of the gearbox is driven by the motor with reducer, the speed of the chain can be set by the inverter.
5. Conveyor chain basic specifications: According to tooling tray size design. Conveyor tray reference size: L280 * W280 * T14. Conveying pallet conveying speed: The main conveying section ≥ 14m / min (variable speed), return conveying section ≥ 21m / min (variable speed).
6. The main conveyor chain level: 700mm. The main conveyor line and the return side height difference of 300mm, equipment size: confirmed by both parties after the device layout design.
The main conveyor chain positioning lifts: the main chain and the branch linking the location of the lifting platform to lift the tooling tray lift lift, tooling tray in the associated processes for fine positioning. Tooling tray positioning using a round pin, a diamond pin for positioning. Elevator speed reducer can be set by the inverter; welding line layout of four elevators, the first paragraph of the body with two elevators, the second segment of the body alone with two elevators, in addition to the first one, The other three need to design positioning mechanism to locate the fixture board and push the cylinder up and down the two floors so that the fixture board can quickly access the elevator. Processing requirements of the process of conveying the tray moving smoothly, the workpiece in the conveying process without shaking. Repeatable positioning can be done accurately, smooth feeding without creeping phenomenon.

Second, equipment beat requirements
Processing beats: (CT = MT + HT) ≤ 9S,
Comprehensive utilization rate:> 95%.
Failure rate: <0.5%, failure rate = failure time ÷ effective operating time.
Machining time (MT): Time from when the start button is pressed to when the machine tool is stopped.
Auxiliary time (HT): The time from when the machine tool is stopped until the next workpiece is machined includes the loading and unloading time of the workpiece.

Third, equipment manufacturing and stability requirements
Continuous production requirements: double speed conveyor line requires no major fault Continuous production time> 360H (Note: a day work 24H / day, 300 days / year; major failure: single equipment failure time ≥ 4H)